It’s a valuable feedback Johanan. I was wondering if I should continue writing summaries.

Oh yeah, I do watch videos in several forms. I really enjoy TV shows but I have a very limited time for it. Every night during dinner I get to watch 20 minutes of a TV show (Except if it’s the new episode of Game of Thrones)

I mainly read books. But during commutes or when doing house chores I listen to podcasts or audiobooks.

I also am a fan of youtube, but I use it only when I’m looking for a solution or how-to. Youtube is a great treasure of information.

So in summary, I mostly read books, watch 20 minutes TV show during dinner and watch youtube if I have a question to which I need a quick answer :D

Productivity is My Passion | Programmer. I Read Obsessively, Experiment Like a Maniac, And Write The Best Practices @

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