A surprising finding from the research behind the so-called ‘10,000 hour rule’

Itzhak Perlman performs at the Barclays Center on February 28, 2013 in New York City.

InIn the 1990s, a trio of psychologists from the Universität der Künst in Berlin embarked on a quest to answer the question: What separates elite achievers from average performers? Their resulting research became the basis of the so-called “10,000 hour rule,” popularized by psychology writer Malcolm Gladwell in his book…

Willpower is not about resisting, forcing, or controlling — it’s about choosing. — Penney Peirce

The marvelous journey to excellence can be terribly unfair. Unfair in that we are constantly under the influence of vicious enemies that lead us astray. Worse yet, we are oblivious to these enemies. They hit…

Keto Diet as A Productivity Super Hack

At first, keto is hard. Then, you will love it.

From micro-dosing chemical compounds to establishing solid rituals, I’ve tried a plethora of weird hacks to enhance my productivity and cognitive performance.

7 month ago, along this journey of optimization, I stumbled on a book titled: Grain Brain: The Surprising Truth about Wheat, Carbs, and Sugar — Your Brain’s Silent…

Amir Afianian

Productivity is My Passion | Programmer | I Read Obsessively, Experiment Like a Maniac, And Write What Actually Works in Here.

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